Absence Management

Absence Management

If an employee has been absent more than three times within six months, their employer should intervene to identify and discuss possible underlying causes at a sickness absence meeting.

Unplanned sickness or planned leave, as well as long and short-term staff absence, instantly impacts your bottom line. Without clear and firm management, staff will continue to deviate from the rules set in place, sending out a message to the rest of your workforce that this is acceptable behaviour. However, employers need to receive up-to-date advice to comply with employment law and best practice guidelines.

Liz Wood HR can take over your entire long and short-term sickness leave and general absence management. This includes:

  • Handling doctorsí fit notes
  • Maintaining reporting-in procedures and self-certification
  • Sick absence meetings
  • Occupational health services
  • Requesting and understanding medical reports
  • Return-to-work management
  • Trigger point implementation to protect your business
  • Sickness cover and succession
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • Holiday entitlements
  • Compassionate leave
  • Sabbaticals

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