Recruiting the Right People

Recruiting the Right People

From the day you start considering recruiting your first employee, you will definitely need HR support to safeguard your business. If you’re and SME and are considering employing or are already further down the line, we can guide you through the process in order to:

  • Minimise expense
  • Ensure you have the flexibility to adjust to business demands
  • Minimise risk
  • Manage the roles within your organisation
  • Plan your workforce to enable your business to meet its goals

We will ensure your need to recruit is well-defined so that the job descriptions we produce are designed to match your business needs and prevent unsuitable prospects from wasting your time and resource. Liz Wood HR has many years of experience, often matching people to extremely demanding roles, giving you a head-start on where and how to source people who will help optimise your business.

The uncertainty of short-listing and interviewing through to employment checks and making an offer drains management time, which impacts revenue in small businesses. Liz Wood HR takes on these processes, reducing your business risk and enabling you to concentrate on core business operations to continue optimising revenue.

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